Why converting a Base model or SL model 3000GT into a twin turbo isn't the best idea.

First of all, the VR4 is much more than just Twin Turbo. You have to remember that it has a LOT of added features that will be very hard to convert. From the AWS to the interior and climate control and so on. The VR4 also has a different ECU, AWS (All Wheel Steering), and AWD (All Wheel Drive) to name the major ones.

Even successful conversions to Twin Turbo (TT) end up with major problems. The least of which is that you are still FWD and cannot even utilize the TT power. And FWD with a lot of power really sucks. On the street, on the track, everywhere. Plus there is a LOT more to it than just 'buying some turbos and bolting them on' mentality to make this work. To start with your engine compression is totally different, your ECU is different, your cooling system is much smaller (and cannot keep up), etc..

It is not just changing the motor out. You have to take into account the entire drivetrain for the added power of a TT as well as the engine harness, fuel system, coolant system, ECU and so on. It really is a huge undertaking with minimum benefits (when, after all your work a VR4 can still come in, stock, and out-perform you in most every way possible!).

In short - they may look similar but they are very very different cars from eachother.

In the end converting a base or SL model to TT will usually cost the owner more than if he/she just bought a VR4 to begin with. This has been proven many times in the past. I've also yet to see any conversion that had value that the owner could recoup. I don't want to get too detailed in this page except to say that the majority of current 3000GT wisdom is to realize that turbo conversions are a waste of money in the end unless someone has a very specifical goal in mind or has the money and just wants to do it as a project.

Compare this to just selling and/or getting a VR4 to start with. In one quick swoop you just outperformed the entire conversion build. Done! Now you have the foundation for performance and upgrades.

If this does not convince you then at least do one thing - get into a VR4 and drive it. You'll see what I mean.

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