Here are some additional reference pages and some online links for more details or reference materials. The page I put up barely touches on the science surrounding bolts, selection, specifications, locking materials, and so forth. The links here are a sampling of some good starter information for the visitor that wants more detailed information and/or additional information.

Each will open in a new browser window for convenience.

(this website has a lot of pages to examine
multiple situations and questions)

Why nuts can self loosen

Bolt Tensioning

Fastener Tech
2005 article by Bill Ansell

The Forgotten Factor
Friction and torque wrench values
Lubrication change

Glossary of terms

Some Graphite / Antiseize facts

Henkel Home page
(loctite parent company)

Use Loctite Application Guides

Henkel/Loctite: Request a Calatog or e-catalog, Download publications, main download page

Threadlocker Users Guide

Loctite Threadlocker Technical guide

Threadlocking Guide
(different than the user guide)

Mechanical VS Adhesive Loctite Solutions

Loctite : do it right!

Loctite Blue Threadlocker guide

Loctite 7088 Primer Information

Loctite complete Solutions guide

Solutions Guide2

Loctite Sealants & Gasketing

Threadsealing Solutions guide
(a nice 1 page referral sheet, also available for threadlockers, Retainers, etc)

Fastenal Technical Reference guide

NASA Publication 1228 - Fastener Design manual

(sometimes NASA moves their publications - if the above link doesn't work just use your search engine and type in the title of the link)

There are thousands but here are a few that I have used and like as well as a link or product that someone specifically asked for. You can sometimes find what you are looking for on Amazon easily too.

McMaster-Carr - Lots of fasteners

Belmetric - Nice fastener supplies

NORD-LOCK bolt securing systems & Video

Betty Mills (stock a lot of loctite products)

Drill Spot (nice collection of fasteners and hard to come by stuff as well as good loctite stock)

Ellsworth (a large loctite distributor)