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review of crime scene investigation findings and evidence results
CJ Byron
*Certified Crime Scene Technician / Investigation

Seattle, Washington
King / Pierce County

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Due to the graphic nature of some areas as well as investigation technique information these areas are not open to public access.

These areas are solely for exchange with other people in the CSI business or those researching an expert.

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Available reviews regarding agency negligence or mishandling of evidence and evidence collection procedures. Research assistance for defense regarding investigative procedures, evidence methods, and testing results. Some areas of research or review includes:

dactylograms and
Latent Fingerprint ID

DNA Processing

Forensic Photography
(certified crime scene photographer)

Evidence Collection

Arson Investigation

Casting & Comparisons

Blood Spatter Reviews

Biological and HazMat

Computer Forensics

Weapons Identification

evidence collection procedures should be reviewed by the defense for errors!

Mr. Byron is a certified Crime Scene Technician. He is certified in latent fingerprint development and recovery, crime scene photography and arson crime scene evidence recovery as well as evidence collection procedures.
He also has over 25 years experience in the firefighting industry as a professional firefighter and officer.