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Right now I have a lot of other items not on this page (Fuel controllers, parts, mods, addons, etc.). A partial list at bottom of page but I've not had time to put up any photos.

UPDATE: I currently have a 1994 VR4 that is being parted out. Not entirely (being made into a drag car only) but many things will be stripped out and will go. Entire interior, stereo system components, climate control, dash compnents, switches, rear wiper, pwr antenna, a/c, etc. and so on. Too many things to list on here but you can see an entire current parts list on THIS PAGE

Most of the stuff below has just sold. However, some I have again (from car mentioned above)


Alphasonic SubBass Amp. Works Well. $25.00 SOLD





JENSEN 300W 2CH Amp. $25.00 SOLD

ALPINE EQ - EXCELLENT Equalizer! - $149.00


Mitsu 3000GT Infinity Amplifier (qty avail - 2) - $25.00 eachSOLD
Mitsu 3000GT factory stereo. (qty avail - 3) only 1 left - $45.00 SOLD



1 50 Sq. Foot rool of fatmat - $55 (I forgot to take picture - but it is a new roll of aluminum backed fatmat) SOLD



guages - brand new. Turbo (boost) 1 2, A/F 1

$60 each SOLD



Older HKS turbo timer. Works fine. $10.00 SOLD


Blitz NEW Turbo Timers. FATT or DTT - $85.00 each




Random Technology Hi_flow Catalytic Converter. NEW! I only had this on for under a week (10 miles or less) and decided to do away with entire exhaust system and go custom. New prics is $300+, my loss your gain - will sell for $235.00 SOLD



Misc hose, silicone. I've got quite a bit in all diff. sizes and colors. $ - ask.
Another box of 10mm larger silicone hose. $5 per package. UNAVAILABLE - SOLD



Used Lonza pedals - $1.00 when combined with another purchase :)


MOMO - 3000GT dead pedals - $25.00 each !



E-Glow pedals. NEW. $15.00

Spark plug cover plates. Polished 3SX - $50

Other two w/ powder coat - $45 (only one remaining is black one)



"Test Pipe" - goes where your main cat is. NEW. This is the top notch quality type. Not cheaply made!


Complete 95 front end, spoiler (active aero), sail panels, headlights, rear center garnish panel, and much more available.

AEM wideband O2 gauge (UEGO) - like new. I changed to aem serial gauges system so I don't need this anymore. Comes with bosch sensor. Less than 100 miles on the sensor/system - $250

HKS S-AFR - $150 - this is a great price!

Stock radiator, fans, 95 TT exhaust (complete with tips, excellent condition)), 9b turbos (SOLD), OEM injectors set, OEM Intercoolers (complete), speedo sets (complete center gauge clusters), etc.

2nd Gen (94-95) pocketlogger with M515 palmpilot - reset your Engine Warning light, read your ECU parameters, log your engine info for tuning. I use all AEM EMS now so don't need this. Great price at $300 for PP and full software and cabling to plug in to your car's diagnostic plug.


Brand New Apexi NEO fuel controller! Will sell for $275!!! SOLD






You can contact me from the main page, this list may also not be uptodate and other things are available