Welcome. Welcome to Craigs 3000GT VR4 page. The 3000GT pages has lots of info about the 3000 GT and the VR4 or VR-4. 3000GT specification, photos and pictures, turbo graphics, links,clubs and lots more for the mitsubishi 3000. Although several other models like the 3000GT spyder , the VR4 3000 GT is the one to view. Enjoy your visit to the 3000GT pages and all the 3000 GT information here.

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)
The Mitsubishi VR-4 is 320HP (stock) , AWD (All Wheel Drive), Twin Turbo, AWS (All Wheel Steering), top speed of 180 mph (actually more if going by red line in 6th gear - over 225mph)

3000GT vr4 model

The 3000GT ended production in 1999.
It seems that Mitsubishi was just not making enough money due to the elaborate design and production costs. This has happened to many high end production sports cars over the years.

The 3000GT was made in three models. There was a fourth (spyder - retractable hard-top) of limited production:

3000GT :basic model, no extras! Approximate cost $26-28,000
3000GT SL :this gave you some spoiler features, leather interior, etc. The middle line of 3000GTs. Approximate cost $30-35,000
3000GT VR-4 : Top model - all wheel drive, all wheel steering, twin-turbo, 18" wheels, 6 speed manual transmission, etc. etc. Approximate cost $45-50,000.
3000GT Spyder
3000GT VR-4 Spyder
: A limited production vehicle it's a VR-4 with a retractable hardtop. Approximate cost $65-70,000

original MSRP purchase sticker here

1999 3000GT VR4

The VR-4 has many features that make it a top production vehicle. It is highly computerized and comes factory with 320 HP. There are 6 stages of modifications with the final stage (estimated 1-6 stage cost is $48,000 additional, depending on parts used) making possible power in the 500 - 750 HP range. Don't blink.

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See the other 3000GT parked next to my blue one
SLAYER - 3000GT Drag Car


3000GT VR4 Drag Racing - Slayer
Check out my 3000GT VR-4 Dragster



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