August A. Byron
United States
Army Air Corp

United States 8th Air Force (Army Air Corp.)
8th Air Force
First Air Division
94th Combat Wing
351st BG (H)

(bombardment group - heavy)
854th Chemical Co

PoleBrook RAFB

August A Byron, 1943, United States 8th Army Air Force
World War II

These are my dad's World War II medals, ribbons,and certifications from 1941 to 1945.

They aren't the originals unfortunately. As a little kid in the 60's I played army with his stuff and eventually lost his WWII jacket, service pins, ribbons and so forth. Kids have no idea of the future value of some things but that's normal I suppose. Thankfully these can be replaced (which I did) but it would have been great to still have the original ones.

good conduct

Army OccupationOverseas ServiceArmy Service Ribbon

US Army Good Conduct Ribbon

US Army Good Conduct Medal

Good Conduct Clasp for 4 years

Army Good Conduct Medal

Instituted: 1941
Exemplary conduct, efficiency and fidelity during three years of active enlisted service with the U.S. Army (1 year during wartime)

Devices: Bronze, Silver, Gold Knotted clasp

My dad's has 3 bronze stars denoting the 4 years which he served while the US was at war.

Authorized on June 28, 1941 for exemplary conduct, efficiency and fidelity and awarded to Army personnel who, on or after August 27, 1940, had honorably completed three years of active Federal military service. These military medals could also be awarded for one year of service after December 7, 1941 while the U.S. was at war. The award was not automatic and required certification by a commanding officer (usually a battalion commander or higher).

More on the medal is here: Army Good Conduct Medal

The U. S. Air Force has it's own GC medal but this was not until later years. So my daad has the Army medal because back then the airforce was considered part of the army (air corp).

American Campaign Ribbon
bronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachment

American Campaign Medal

bronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachment

American Campaign Medal

Instituted: 1942
Service outside the U.S. in the American theater for 30 days, or within the continental
United States (CONUS) for one year
Devices: All Services: Bronze star

For service during World War II within the American Theater of Operations. The American Campaign Medal was established by Executive Order on November 6, 1942 and amended on March 15, 1946, which established a closing date. The medal is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces who served in the American Theater of Operations during the period from December 7, 1941 to March 2, 1946 or was awarded a combat decoration while in combat against the enemy. Maps of the three theaters of operations during World War II were drawn on November 6, 1942 to include the American Theater, European- African - Middle Eastern Theater and Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

American Defense Ribbon
bronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachment

American Defense Medal

bronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachment

American Defense Service Medal

Instituted: 1941 Dates 1939-41
12 months of active duty service during the above period

Devices: All Services: Bronze Star (denotes bars); Naval Services: Bronze Letter “A”

Bars: Army: For­eign Service for service outside the continental United States (CONUS);
Navy/Marine Corps: FLEET for service on the high seas and BASE for service at bases outside CONUS; Coast Guard: SEA for service on the high seas

Authorized on June 28, 1941 for military service during the limited emergency proclaimed by President Roosevelt on Sept. 8, 1939 or during the unlimited emergency proclaimed on May 27, 1941 until December 7, 1941 if under orders to active duty for 12 months or longer. In addition to the bars a bronze star is worn on the service ribbon to denote receipt of any of the bars.

EAME Campaign Ribbon
bronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachment

EAME - Europe, Africa, Middle East Campaign Medal - WWII

bronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachmentbronze service star attachment

European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

Authorized on November 6, 1942, as amended on March 15, 1946. Awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces for service within the European Theater of Operations between December 7, 1941 and November 8, 1945.

Designated Army (& AAF) campaigns for the
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal are as follows:
Algeria-French Morocco, 1942
Egypt-Libya, 1942-1943
Tunisia, 1942-1943

Air Offensive, Europe, 1942-1944
Sicily, 1943
Naples-Foggia, 1943-1944
Anzio, 1944
Rome-Arno, 1944
Normandy, 1944
Northern France, 1944
Southern France, 1944
North Apennines, 1944-1945

Rhineland, 1944-1945
Ardennes-Alsace, 1944-1945
Central Europe, 1945
Po Valley, 1945
Air Combat, 1941-1945
Antisubmarine, 1941-1945
Ground Combat, 1941-1945

Campaigns in bold above are the ones my dad participated in.

WWII Victory ribbon

WWII Victory medal

World War II Victory Medal

7 December 1941 to
31 December 1946

Awarded for service in US Armed Forces between 1941 and 1946. Authorized by Act of Congress on July 6, 1945 and awarded to all members of the Armed Forces who served.

The World War II Victory Medal provides deserving recognition to all of America's veterans who served during Wold War II.

US Army Occupation Ribbon, 1945

US Army - Occupation medal - germany from May 1945

World War II Army Occupation Ribbon

30 consecutive days of service in occupied territories of former enemies during 9 May 1945 and 5 May 1955. Other dates apply for certain other regions or areas (like Berlin).

Overseas Service Ribbon

Army Overseas Service Ribbon



There is no medal associated with this, only the ribbon.

There is however a commemorative overseas service medal authorized and is mentioned lower down on this page.

Army Overseas Service Ribbon

Successful completion of normal overseas tour(s).

Army Service Ribbon

Army Service Ribbon



There is no medal associated with this, only the ribbon.

There is however a commemorative Army service medal authorized and is mentioned lower down on this page.

Army Service Ribbon

Awarded for successful completion of initial entry training.

presidential unit citation for the 351st bombardment group, polebrook air base
Oak leaf, bronze, for 2nd award

August Byron, presidential unit citation, WWII, Polebrook AB, England

Presidential Unit Citation

The PUC is awarded to a unit for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy on or after December 7, 1941.

The unit must have displayed such gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions to have set it apart and above other units participating in the same campaign.

This ribbon is worn on the right side above pocket flap and not on left with the other ribbons. There is no medal with this award, Just the ribbon for the right side.

The 351st BG(H) received the citation for performance on 9 October 1943, when an aircraft factory in Germany was accurately bombed in spite of heavy flak and pressing enemy interceptors. It received another citation for its part in the successful attack of 11 January 1944, on aircraft factories in central Germany. (which the oak leaf denotes on ribbon and/or medal and the number 2 on patch)

(note: prior to 1957 it was called the Distinguished Unit Citation-DUC but congress changed it)

Rank Insignia
Staff Sergeant

World War II style Staff Sgt. shoulder patch



marskman qualification badge, US Army
pistol marksman
rifle marksman
bayonet marksman
grenade marksman
with rockers for
Rifle, Pistol,
Bayonet, and

Overseas Service Bars
(one for each 6 months)

Overseas Service bars


US Army Air Corp
Hat Pin

US Army hat badge



(US Army Air Corp)
Technicians Badge

US Army Air Corp technician badge

would normally come with the rocker
denoting the specialty like
the marksman rockers
(in my dads case it'd say "chemical")
but I cannot find the
chemical rocker for it.



Technicians Badge - Chemical

0870 - enlisted chemical corp technician
lapel pins

Dad was a Chemical Technician.
AFSC/MOS M 0870-Chemical Noncommissioned Officer

chemical corp training or school patch

Bomb Disposal Ordnance
(EOD:Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Patch

Back then the chemical corp had to handle a lot
of the unexploded weapons/bombs from the B17s.


Uniform hash mark for service (1 for every 3 years)

Uniform hash mark
for each completion of 3 year tours.

My dad served 5 years and therefore
gets one hash mark.




Honorable Discharge Lapel Pin
"ruptured duck" pin & patch

Ruptured duck lapel gold pin for honorable service
ruptured duck uniform patch for honorable service in WWII

US Service Men were issued the "Ruptured Duck" at the end of their service in WW2. It was issues either as a patch or a pin (patch was more common). It was warn on the right breast of the uniform and signified that, even though you were in uniform, you had completed your service. It was issued because most soldiers coming home did not have any civilian clothes to wear initially, so they had to wear their uniform. When in uniform, the soldier, sailor or airman was subject to military discipline. The patch showed all the MP's, SP's and other military police, etc. that the soldier had discharged and was not to be bothered. It was also a source of pride for the soldier to show he had done his duty.




To see his medals in the custom walnut Shadowbox Click Here

The Medals & Ribbons below are commemorative medals. They were enacted by the United States after the applicable dates and were not available or awarded during the service period. They commemorate and honor in rememberance or to recognize previously unawarded military services or participation (example: Battle of the Bulge). Commemorative medals and/or ribbons cannot be worn on the offical service uniform. The following are the comemorative awards my dad is authorized for.

Presidential unit citationbattle of the bulge
american defenseD-Day invasion ribboncold war victory
honorable service ribbonWWII Victory Commemorative RibbonOverseas Service Ribbon
US Army ServiceCombat ServiceEAME Campaign commemorative

American Defense Commemorative ribbon

american defense Commemorative medal

American Defense Service Commemorative Medal

United States Army Serice ribbon

US Army Service medal

Army Service Commemorative Medal

Battle of the Bulge Commemorative ribbon

Battle of the Bulge medal

WW II Battle of the Bulge Medal

Qualifying Dates: 1944-1945

Criteria: Designed to honor U. S. Armed Forces who fought or supported the Battle of the Bulge 1944-45. The shows combat infantry and armor with aircraft arriving in support stopping desperate Nazi attacks.

Cold War Commemorative ribbon

Cold War Commemorative medal

Cold War Victory Commemorative Military Medal

Criteria: Struck to recognize any honorable military service between 2 Sept 1945 and 26 December 1991.

D-Day Invasion ribbon

D-Day Invasion medal

World War II D-Day Commemorative Medal

Instituted: 2001
Qualifying Dates: 1944

Criteria: Struck to honor all who landed or served in support of U. S. Forces during the D Day invasion, June 1944. shows troops, paratroopers, Air and Naval forces assaulting the coast of France.

Dad's group was instrumental in the success of D-Day. The 8th provided all the air support to protect the troops on their landings.

Honorable Service Commemorative ribbon

Honorable Service Commemorative medal

Honorable Service Commemorative Medal

Criteria: To honor those who received an honorable discharge from any US military service.

Overseas Service Commemorative ribbon

Overseas Service medal

Overseas Service Medal
Struck to honor all Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who served in an overseas theater or expeditionary operation outside the United States.

Dad served almost 3 years overseas during World War II.


Presidential Unit Citation - Commemorative

Presidential Unit Citation medal - Commemorative

Presidential Unit Citation Commemorative Medal

Instituted: 2004

Criteria: To honor all US military personnel who were awarded a US Presidential Unit Citation for service in a combat theater or expeditionary operation.

Oak leaf, bronze, for 2nd award

combat service ribbon

combat service medal - US Army WWII

Combat Service Medal

Criteria: Struck to honor all Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who served in an overseas combat theater or expeditionary combat operation.

Discharge papers show his battles as:

Combat Campaign - Central Europe
combat service ribbon
Combat Campaign - Rhineland
combat service ribbon
Combat Campaigns - Ardennes
AKA - Battle of the Bulge
combat service ribbon


EAME Commemorative ribbon

Europe, Africa, middle east Commemorative medal

WWII Europe-Africa-Middle East Commemorative Medal

Instituted: 1995
Qualifying Dates: 1941-1946

Criteria: Struck to honor all soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who served in the European, African and Middle Eastern Theaters During WWII.

This is different than the one instituted and awarded in 1942 and 1946 (see above section)

WW-II victory Commemorative ribbon

WW2 Victory Commemorative medal

World War II Victory Commemorative Medal

Instituted: 1995
Qualifying Dates: 1941 - 1946

Criteria: Struck to honor all who served in the United States Armed Forces During WWII

This is different than the one instituted and awarded in 1945 (see above section)



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