Fire Logos

These are some of the logos and images that I made. Click on the images to see full screen.
Actual images are vector art made with CorelDraw. Please wait while images load. I've reduced resolution (from 100% to 20-30% and 128C) to get semi-fast loading times but these are still multi-layer vector art.

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Circle Four Horse Farm 
3000GT VR4 Sportscar 
Firefighting & Rescue 
Dalmatian Greyhound 
My Dad - WWII 8th Air Force - Polebrook England  
Photo Directory
MAIN Directory 
Mt. St. Helens eruption 

Several of these logos are available on t-shirts from LADDER54.COM

Custom Fire Department and Operations Computer Art
SORT logo
TFD 44-00
Eng Comp 1
wolf logo 1
HM 1
T FF 1

54 L 5
skull badge 1
attack dogs
tcfd bar
skull fnt
skull B 2
AUN main 3
hm x
  OKAY, that's it for now. I have over 2200Mb of actual designs and maybe will put some more on here later. If you want to use any of these just ask and I may send the actual vector images that allow editing. Average full image size is 2 - 10 Mb

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