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This was originally the area for my firefighting and firefighter photos and files. Instead it has now been cut down with linkup to rather than repeat photos and fire information.

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Rather than duplicate photos, etc. - I have another site that has all my firefighting photos and information
Go to:

International Association of Firefighters Washington State Council of Firefighters

There are also several areas on that are quite popular,
such as my earthquake photos from 1989 in the San Franciso Bay Area.


For Custom Fire Logo Examples and Art by Cj
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Tacoma Memorial Fredericton Memorial Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Tacoma Firefighters memorial

Fredericton Memorial

National Hero

Firefighter Hagberg Memorial page John F.C. Hagberg
Tukwila FD
L54 memorial site
A Seattle Firefighter memorial page Seattle FFers that died in Pang Warehouse Fire - memorial page
USFA Fallen Firefighter Memorial The US FIRE ADMINISTRATION memorial
The Last Alarm The LAST ALARM website
fallen Firefighters dedicated site A site dedicated to fallen firefighters
New York Firefighter Memorial New York Firefighter Memorial Website



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