Circle 4

A private horses farm and ranch located in Enumclaw Washington at the foothills of Mount Rainier. The farm is 10 acres and was originally a ranch for race horses when Longacres was running. Craig purchased the farm in 1991.

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Circle Four Horse Farm 
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Enumclaw, WA

View of Mt. Rainier across fields

Circle Four Horse Farm Barn
helicopter view of Circle 4 Horse Farm
The view the horses have

Craig and daughter Jennifer - owner of Circle Four Horse Farm
Hey it's cold at circle four today!

DAN - D (Mustang)
A Kieger Mustang horse caught in the wild in Oregon. Obtained through the BLM. He is a true Mustang and is approximately 10 y.o. His brand is a freeze brand placed by the BLM as a government I.D. on each wild mustang caught and sold. Although a handful and very spirited at first, he has become a very excellant trail horse and trusted animal. Well, okay, he is still a pretty high spirited horse. Mustangs have a unique personality not found in other horses.

Dandy a wild mustang horse

Dandy the mustang horse Dandy the mustang

Dandy on the White River

Dandy, a wild mustang

Dandy the mustang

This little guy has been with us for many years. He is approximately 25 y.o. and still going strong! Jennifer trained him 6 days a week over many years. He is a very well behaved animal and a trusted member of Circle4.

Jenn & her horse Cochise swimming Green River

Melissa and Jenn on Cochise

Cochise died in 2003. He was over 35 years old and died in his sleep.

A Quarter - Horse / Morgan mix. TJ is quite a inquisitive horse. He can open gates, untie ropes, etc. He is quite fast and very sturdy mount.

Jennifer on TJ, a quarter horse / morgan

Jenn on TJ at White River

Dusty is a purebred AKC Dalmatian. Although not a horse he has a twin equine at the bottom of this page. Although a trusted member of the family he is still fairly aggressive to outsiders.

Dusty the dalmatian (he isn't a horse, but look at  the bottom of the page for his equal in the equine world)

See Dusty's Dalmatian page here

Melissa and Dusty


ex-racing Greyhound

ximmaron the greyhound


See Ximmaron's pictures
on his own page
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greyhounds are cool!
Melissa and her cat Jazzy

Missy and the dogs of Circle 4

Casper the rabbit

Melissa with her pet rat

FinePrint1 Leopard Appoloosa

Fine Print 1 leopard appaloosa horse
(he's no longer with us)

Steve's daughter brushing the horse Envy's Eclipse


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