AKC Dalmatian
Here's Dusty the Dalmatian. His AKC name is Dusty Max-A-Million.
Dusty is a 6 year old purebred dalmatian. Very handsome eh?
(FYI - correct spelling is dalmatian, not dalmation)

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Know WHY the dalmatian was chosen by fire departments in the old days as a mascot?
Don't know? CLICK why dalmatians were chose by the fire departments to find out!
Hint - it has to do with the dalmatian being a very aggressive dog.
Dusty the dalmatian, AKC purebred

Dusty is the first dalmatian I have ever owned. With the amount of work taking care of a dalmatian during the first few years (dalmatians are quite a handful aren't they?) I have mixed feelings if I would ever get another one of these dogs. But now Dusty is a good member of the family and a loyal dog :)

Many have said he is the best looking Dalmatian they've ever seen. He is now near 100 pounds!

Oh, and I didn't get a dalmatian because I am in the fire department and a firefighter. It just sort of happened!

Dusty the dalmatian dog


Dusty appears tired from a hard day of playing

We got Dusty when he was 12 weeks. I wasn't really looking for a dalmatian, but we're glad we got him (even though his first years were a bit, uhmm, trying?). He has settled down a bit now that he is 10 years. Instead of 80 mph everywhere he goes it is only 50. Although he still likes to chase the horses around.

Seriously, dalmatians are an extremely energetic dog. Then again (see left) sometime a hard day of playing can tire one out (but not for long!)


These are when he was younger.

Dusty the dalmatian at 3 yrs

Dusty the dalmatian at 1 yr


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Dusty on the trail. Did you know dalmatians can track quite well?

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Melissa and Dusty
My daughter and Dusty

Dusty Page 2

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