Inside you will find lots of photos of family, friends, firefighters and firefighting pictures. Also circle four horse ranch in Washington, mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 sportscar ( twin turbo ), dalmatians and greyhounds, crime scene investigation (csi) and investigator pages, and lots more! Includes Mount Saint Helens volcano eruption and mountaineering pics too.

Circle Four Horse Farm 
3000GT VR4 Sportscar 
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1972 Camaro Drag Car  
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Dalmatian Greyhound 
My Dad - WWII 8th AF 
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For my firefighting and firefighter photos
Ladder54 Homepage
Over 150 pages of fire and rescue


Race & Sports Cars

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3000GT VR4 Drag Racing - Slayer, by Craig Byron

My 1,000+HP 3000GT VR4
Dragster Homepage



My 1995 Blue
3000GT VR4




Other VR4 and automotive race
related technical writeups


fastener technical info


loctite technical data


VR4 performance build and engine guide


3000GT 60k service guide


VR4 coolant and cooling system



Craig Byron 1972 drag race camaro
1972 Camaro
496 c.i. w/ 8-71 supercharger

Photos and Specs
and Build Info



The 69 Camaro from back when
some will remember the midnight
metallic 69 SS back in B'ham.





This site contains photos and links of various topics. Family and friends photos in the pictures directory. Circle Four (4) horse farm - photos of our ranch, horses, dalmatian and greyhound. Fires, firefighting and firefighters pictures + links as well as special operations rescues. Firefighter memorials are in the fire main section. Mitsubishi 3000GT sportscar photos, 3000GT vr4 information, 3000GT VR-4 Twin Turbo Specs. Mountaineering photos, Mt. Saint Helens volcanic eruption.

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