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1972 Camaro
496 cu. in. , 8-71 supercharger
Pro Street Drag Racing

It is hard to answer folks that ask how it is going or what's new. Or to keep a running dialogue or 'blog' style info. So, for that here are random photos of things progressing. When photos are available and so forth. Usually a month or so behind real time but still shows the steps and changes being made.





Photos as we have available here and there and while working on the remake of the 1972 Camaro.
These photos will be 2014 and forward mostly. A lot of times it's just busy and I forget to take photos!

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871 blower (supercharger)

Rebuilding the blower (new bearings and seals)

rebuild supercharger

AFR 345cc aluminum racing cylinder heads

AFR 345 Aluminum racing heads

AFR Heads

oversized stainless steel valves in cylinder heads

oversized stainless steel valves in the new heads

AFR stud girdle

AFR stud girdle system

heads with the chrome-moly rockers

chrome-moly rockers

pulling it apart to work over

pulling apart the front end to run all new lines and electrical

timing chain

timing chain and cam all degree'd in.

oil pump setup

oil pump setting up

oil pump stud and setting up

setting up oil pump install

3hp starter

3hp MSD starter install

getting starter shimmed up

shimming and getting all gear teeth aligned on starter

ice on the crank to get balancer pressed on

ice on the crank to prep to install the balancer

ATI super damper

balancer installed

8mm drive pulley installed

crank trigger system, accessory pully and 8mm blower pulley installed

drive pulley and trigger wheel

front parts test fitted all okay and within specs

new fuel lines

new fuel lines (5/8" feeds)

firewall paint prep

prep'ing firewall for paint

new MSD powergrid Ignition

new MSD powergrid ignition system

new ignition parts

new ignition parts and controllers

new aluminum blower manifold

new aluminum blower intake manifold

nitrous lines and fuel system

16 port nitrous oxide plate fitted to blower

fuel carbs nitrous etc
blower carb adapters and nitrous adapter jetting

trunk prep

changing up the trunk setup

trunk and fuel cell install

fuel cell installed

fuel cell in trunk

water inj pump and trunk wiring

Water injection pump and trunk wiring

water injection ports

water injection install to carb adapter

water injection tank

water injection tank installed

water injection nozzles

water injection nozzles installed

Wilwood 3-caliper disc brakes
Strange 35 spline axes
(prepping to pull axles)

Getting new Wilwood master brake cylinder installed


Installing new SFI flexplate and starter

prep for oil pan install


Installing 7 qt oil racing pan


getting head studs checked and ready.


Craig torqueing down the heads

pulling the third member for re-doing pinion setup and
checking rear axle ratios

Heads installed!

shimming starter to spec


Mark (L) and Mike (R) verifying rocker adjustment, valve lash.


Prep for intake manifold install


Intake manifold installed



Intake on, water pump on

plug wires laid out and secured

Meziere 55gph electric water pump installed



That's all for now.
Rear axle is on the table.
New fiberglas dash is in and prep'ing for install

March 2014



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