1972 Camaro
Drag Race Car

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1972 Camaro
496 cu. in. , 8-71 supercharger
Pro Street Drag Racing

It is hard to answer folks that ask how it is going or what's new. Or to keep a running dialogue or 'blog' style info. So, for that here are random photos of things progressing. When photos are available and so forth. Usually a month or so behind real time but still shows the steps and changes being made.






Photos as we have available here and there and while working on the remake of the 1972 Camaro.
These photos will be 2014 and forward mostly. A lot of times it's just busy and I forget to take photos!

You can click the image for larger view


Engine done an waiting for install!

New carb linkage setup

All new linkage setup. Using ODG painted parts and special order fittings it is now all lined up perfectly and over-run carefully checked out (to make sure throttle does not get stuck which can happen in these setups and spells disaster!)


dash backside wired up

The back side of the dash is all wired up and awaiting installation.

Mark getting information for center console design

Mark is measuring for the design and installation of the center console (see below)

replica boeing b-17 items

Some B-17 replica items obtained

Replica Boeing original B17 build plate

This is an exact replica of the Boeing B-17 build plate.
Was a pricey little item (is actually a painted and raised letter item), but lends a bit more authenticity to the build. It will be laser engraved before placement on car.

Main power distribution and control panel installation

The main power distribution and fuse panel plus wiring control center is installed. This will have a cover to protect from a passenger's feet. All power and electrical control goes through this system.

center Console design and test fit

Center console layout and test fit. Nitrous and launch control which will sit behind the shifter.


center console being built

Center console is close to being finished.

B17 replica dash plate

replica "Boeing B-17" dash plate.

door swingout bar installation for rollcage

We are also awaiting some WWII replica fabric for the seats and other items. We are getting the fabric from a hollywood supplier to make sure the color is right. Same with the parachute bag. Seats themselves have now been painted ODG (i.e. - Dichromate primer over aluminum).



firewall and engine compartment cleanup and repaint

firewall and engine compartment cleanup and repaint




dash installed


Prep for running wiring, passenger side and ignition




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