A conmprehensive list for the 60k, 120k, 180k service and maintenance on the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

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60,000 (60K / 120K / 180K etc) Service Maintenance:

Factory Owner Service Book Scans

for the 3000GT VR-4





Here are some of the main maintenance and service scans from the factory owners service manual.
Just right click to save them or print them if you like.

Note: These do not include EVERYTHING that is recommended on the 60, 120, or 180, etc. tuneups
because over the years owners have discovered certain other mechanical issues that should be
attended to.....hence the 60K Guide here.

Blue "regular service" is for the base model or SL model 3000GT.
Gray "turbo service" is for the VR4 model 3000GT
Red is if you drive your car really hard or under abnormal conditions

Anyway, if you want them, here they are.

15k service for the 3000gt vr4


30k service book page from the 3000GT owners manual


45k service manual scan for the 3000GT base, SL, and VR4 models


60K factory service list, page from the factory owners manual service book



A larger copy of 60K: Click here to open in another window

(this one prints a lot nicer due to more resolution)



75k service points for 3000GT, scanned from the mitsubishi owners service manual


The 90K service points per Mitsubishi. Scan directly from the owners service book.


120K factory recommended service list and checks.



A larger copy of 120K: Click here to open in another window

(this one prints a lot nicer due to more resolution)


150,000 miles service checks and list per Mitsubishi on the 3000GT, all models.


Here's a front & back scan of the official dealer postcards back in the VR4's heyday!


POSTCARD - front of the official deal postcards for the 3000GT VR4 when new


back side of the official dealer postcards back when the 3000GT VR4 was new.




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