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General Interior + mods, controllers

The interior of my 3000GT has had extensive remodeling to accomodate the extra electronics and modifications. To see stock interior go to Specifications page. Here are some interior photos of my VR4.

The main gauges/meters shown (the 3 in center and 3 on A-pillar) are Omori meters. I had them custom made to standard (USA) specs from the manuafacturer. Omori is the manufacturer of Greddy, HKS, and many other brand name meters. They are the "multi-color" style, meaning each gauge has a RGB controller and you can set the backlight to absolutely ANY color you want very easily. These can be purchased from Omori for approximately $275 each.

Click photos to see larger view.

Some night-time shots are also here at the bottom of the page.

For details of what each meter, controller, gauge is for see bottom of this page for links.

My 3000GT VR4 interior, wide shot.

And a few more of my 3000GT VR4 Interior and custom modifications.

Driver side entry view of VR-4 3000GT Mitsubishi


Showing center console area with shifter and EDFC suspension controller
mounted in custom area.

HKS Shift knob and TEIN EDFC suspension controller.


This shows the custom center console with the Kenwwod DVD/Nav system,
HKS controllers below that (turbo timer and fan controller), Cruise control, HKS injector monitor,
Intercooler temp monitor, DEFI HUD controller.

HKS  electronics , kenwood dvd and navigation system, etc.


Here's the center gauges. Coolant temp, Oil Pressure, Volts,
AEM serial guages, Aquamist DDS3 controller

Custom center console area of 3000GT VR-4 showing center gauges and custom installation.




Center cluster is LED style backlight with white face overlays.
3000GT rt side 2


Finally recovered the original leather seats. Also changed up the color a bit. Kept the "putty" light color in the center but used charcoal for the outers. Doing the reupholstering wasn't too bad. It's like many things of this sort in that the 1st time you do it there are some learning curves on dis-assembly and re-assembly of some parts. All in all it can be done over a weekend.



It's really hard to get 100% accurate lighting on a night shot due to different brightnesses over or under exposing the shot. Here's some anyway. CLICK IMAGE for larger view.








What are the gauges and meters for?

Click the links below for a detail of the meters and electronics.



For stereo specific info see the stereo page (top left menu)


New Smartire Wireless Remote Install

The wireless tire pressure and temperature system is mounted in the cernter console area. It isn't something I need to view all the time so it does okay mounted in there. Easily visible with top flipped up.

The controller on the right is the QTEC 3" Cutout.
More info on the electronic exhaust cutout is here


So I needed the space to install a new G-meter (accelerometer). The Accelerometer shows lateral Gs in real time (and recall peak) as well as fwd G, braking Gs, 1/4mi, HP calcs, etc.

To do that I moved the water injection LEDs to the custom dash cluster area instead and then re-did the center vent area. Getting 4 - 52mm in there needed some fine measuring but it went in okay.


The custom covers for the main cluster were made in order to change/add some things:

Tour/Sport for ECS replaced (I use TEIN suspension so these no longer needed) with Radar/Scan indicators for active radar unit built into the nose, Engine Check light now is SHIFT light (from AEM EMS), center lights has W/A INJ which is the water'alcohol injection check or fault light, DRV for driving lights added, Right side now has LOW W/A for the wtr/alcohol injection tank (low fluid).


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