3000GT VR-4

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)


The EDFC (Electronic Dampening Force Controller) handles the (4) TEIN flex coilover struts (shocks). Each shock is motorized. You can set front and back seperately. It also has 3 fast memory buttons. Settings have 32 ranges from soft to firm. OEM electronic shocks has 2 settings - sport and tour.

The Flex Coilovers are stiffer than OEM but very responsive. I changed out the Flex springs from normal 12 in front and 6 in rear TO 10 in front and 5 in rear to allow for more adjustments in the softer (cruise) ranges.

Close up sample image (mine is the new black style not silver)

motors that are on top of each shock


FLEX Coil Over suspension

Brakes (Hawk Street pads) with Slotted AM rotors. Calipers all epoxy painted.

VR4 brake calipers with epoxy coating, Hawk street performance pads and slotted brake rotors.


Wheel alignment for an AWS (All Wheel Steering) car like the VR4 is a bit more involved. Most places don't know how to do it properly. I do mine at a place called TruLine in Seattle or Bellevue. Top notch service and warranty. Here's the report from my last alignment.


MOMO Race pedals

momo pedal set


3000GT dorr sills, custom
Custom Door sills
( Black is carbon-fiber look, red is reflective )
Polished Aluminum, countersunk SS screws



Want to learn about using loctite chemical fastener products or
other technical data for your 3000GT?
Shop Article on loctite and fastener technical data





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