Welcome. Welcome to Craig's 3000GT VR4 page. The 3000GT pages has lots of info about the 3000 GT and the VR4 or VR-4. 3000GT specification, photos and pictures, turbo graphics, links,clubs and lots more for the mitsubishi 3000. Although several other models like the 3000GT spyder , the VR4 3000 GT is the one to view. Enjoy your visit to the 3000GT pages and all the 3000 GT information here.

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)
Okay, so you're serious about knowing the details of the 3000GT.
This page will go over the specifications and some features of the 3000GT VR4
Specs are for stock vehicle.


Engine & drive train

3000GT Engine

3.0 Liter V6 DOHC 24 valve

3000GT VR-4 6 speed

Transmission - 6 speed with overdrive  

See my custom interior

Twin turbochargers and twin intercoolers

181 cu in w/ 8.0:1 compression

Electronic controlled MFI (multi-point fuel injection) with twin spray injectors

320 Horsepower @ 6000 rpm, 315 lbs.-ft. Torque @ 2500 rpm

(capable of up to 750hp with stage 1 - 4 kits)

Engine redline - 7000 rpm

4 bolt main bearing caps with forged steel crankshaft

Full time all-wheel drive with center differential and electronic traction control

Limited slip rear differential

4 radiators with dual fans (engine, oil, and two turbo coolers)

3000GT Engine twin turbo 3000GT Twin Turbo


3000GT Front suspension

Electronic control for anti-roll, anti-dive and anti-squat

Front : MacPherson struts, coil springs, stabilizer bar

Rear : Double wish-bone, coil springs, stabilizer bar

Shocks - 3 stage electronic control motorized, gas shock absorbers

Computer control with dash selection for two modes (tour , sport)

3000GT rear suspension

ECS control integrated to G-sensors, steering angulation velocity sensor and throttle sensors

Steering & Braking

Power assist rack & pinion

4 wheel steering (same phase) w/ traction control computer
(AWS - All wheel steering)

4 wheel disc with 4 piston calipers

Non-asbestos linings

Air pick-ups (4) for disc ventilation

All wheel ABS system with G force sensor, 2 channel system

3000GT VR4 Brake Caliper and hub

AWS (all wheel steering) exploded view:

18" 3000GT VR-4 Wheel, cool huh

18 x 8.5 / Chromed alloy wheels (spare - alloy mag)

245/40R18 Z rated tires

Safety Features

Dual airbags with 4 impact sensors

All wheel anti-lock braking system

Three point outboard seatbelts with ELR/ALR feature

Side-guard door beams

Front and rear body crumple zones


Motorized computer controlled front and rear spoiler with override

Dual power remote side mirrors with electric defrost

Projector fog lamps

18 ga Mitsubishi Steel with pearl tri-color paint & clear coat



3000GT Factory Interior

Rear window and side mirrors - electric defrost, front and side windows - heat defrost

Removable sunroof with removable sunshade and front deflector

Auto dimming rearview mirror

Auto dimming interior lights with overrides

vanity mirrors with light


3000GT VR-4 Driver Seat

7 way adjustable drivers seat with 5 way power adjustments

Leather interior seats, steering wheel, shift knob and side panels

Automatic climate control with magnetic clutch AC, manual disable

Electronic pictographic display

CFC-free refrigerant

Power windows with power reserve

Power door locks with security logic

Full function cruise control (two stage with stand-by)

Rear window wiper / washer

Remote keyless entry system

Security system with electronic disable controls and transistor controlled engine disable

Infinity Stereo system (AM/FM-2, Cassette, 6 disc CD changer) 240 watt, 8 speakers, separate amplifier,graphic equalizer, anti-theft control, steering wheel mounted remote controls, diversity dualantennae with motorized mast

Passenger door controls lock out

Auto side window down

Active-aero overrides

Speed Specifications

3000GT VR4 dash

CLICK image for Larger View

0-30 mph............................... 1.9 seconds

minimum stopping distance 122' @ 60 mph
minimum stopping distance 218' @ 80 mph

0 - 60 mph : 5.4 seconds
0 - 100 mph : 13.6 seconds
(stock times)

Lateral acceleration on 200' skidpad = .90g

1/4 mile - 13.7 響 mph
(stock times)

5th gear򝱌 rpm - 155 mph
6th gear򝝾 rpm - 160 mph

Engine redline - 7,000 rpm

Speedometer runout @ 180 mph

Other specifications

Weight - 3781 pounds
Fuel capacity - 19.8 gallons
Drag coefficient - .33 Cd
Wheelbase - 97.2 inches

Length - 179.7 inches
Width - 72.4 inches
Height - 49.3 inches
Interior Noise:
Idle - 46 dBA
Max, 1st Gear - 70 dBA
70 mph - 69 dBA

Computer Control units

ABS, Exhaust, AC (2), Cruise, ELC-4, ECS, Engine control, ETACS, Keyless entry

Lighting, Antenna control (diversity), SRS diagnosis, MFI, Traction Control, 4-wheel steering

Aerodynamics, Auto lights off, Security, Radio remote

Electronic Sensors

3000GT VR4 panel

Clutch boost & position
Camshaft position
EGR temp
G-force (ABS)
Heated Oxygen sensor
Power steering pressure
Steering angular velocity
Steering wheel position
Engine speed detector

ABS front
Air Inlet
Engine Coolant temp (2)
G-Force (ECS)
Interior temperature
UV (photo) temperature
Pulse Generator
Revolution Pickup

Volume air (+ Atmospheric pressure, Barometric pressure, Air temperature)

ABS rear
Air thermo
Front impact (4)
Vehicle speed
Knock sensor
Thermo sensor
Throttle position

Warning sensors

AERO malfunction
Battery Voltage
SRS system checks
Door Open
Parking Brake

Engine Oil
Charging circuit
Hood Open
4 wheel steering oil

Engine temperature
Washer fluid low
Fuel low
Antilock braking
Security System

All the above information is stock

For CJ's Mod specs and photos/pictures - see above left menu
Also new pages for 60K service and performance builds and more.

3000GT Race Car


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