3000GT VR-4

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)

I replaced the factory ECU (engine Control Unit, or main computer) with an AEM 1311 EMS (Engine Management System). The 1311 is specifically for the 3000GT VR4. The AEM allows for complete control (via your laptop) of all engine systems.

Along with this I included a new AEM wideband O2 system (dual channel UEGO), AEM IAT and MAP sensor (3.5bar). The widebanc O2 allows for better fine tuning than the narrow band factory O2 sensors when in closed loop operations.

The MAP sensor switched me from factory MAF control (Mass Air Flow) to a Speed Density system of fuel/air management. Speed density has advantages one of which is the engine will continue to run if a turbo hose or intercooler line blows.

With the AEM Serial gauges I can choose any one of 19 parameters to display live at the touch of the button. Very handy (see gauge image below or choose Interior Photos for actual pctures of installed serial gauges).

DYNO (Horsepower) - after several hours on the dyno in October I had to halt further tuning above 18psi. The current clutch wouldn't hold past 480HP (AWHP). New clutch (stage II+) and lightweight flywheel install sometime soon and then further tuning above and beyond 18psi!

Below are some of my fuel map images, timing, and calibration settings. Included are the actual calibration files (only usable with AEM Pro Software). These are tuned specifically for my car only.

AEM serial gauge works with the 3000GTs EMS/ECU
Front panel selectable parameters (19) programmable via the 1311 EMS and laptop.


This is a current screen shot from laptop showing my closed loop (O2 controller) target fuel map and related paramters. Click for larger view.

3000gt target fuel map on AEM Pro

I currently have it to run closed loop up to 3500rpm and under 1.14psi load. Anything over either of those goes to open loop (fuel map)


Current Ignition Map

3000gt ignition map on AEM software as I have setup for my VR4.

Example Fuel Map (Factory)

Sample3000GT VR-4 fuel map as factory.

Example Timing Map (factory)

An example timing map from a 95 VR4 (Spyder model).

Setting up the serial gauge in the laptop program

You can set the telemetry parameters for the serial gauge from your laptop for your Mitsubishi!

A sample log from AEM Pro Logging feature
This is a sample AEM Pro Log.

Download AEM Pro Software for free here (latest version always on the aem forum)

My maps (calibrations)

Startup Calib (stock to get a VR4 running)

Basic Dyno setup

Setup with changed O2 setups, closed loop map, accel triggers, etc.








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