3000GT VR-4

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)
Photos / Pictures of CJ's VR4

Danube Pearl Blue 3000GT - 1995 w/ custom carbon fiber hood, PIAA driving lights, and 99 rear spoiler swap out.
3000GT VR-4 1995
Price after factory add ons and tax, licensing, etc - $51,999

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Pictures of Mitsubishi '95 3000GT VR4 Twin Turbo

July 2007


Craig Byron's '95 Mitsubishi 3000-GT VR4
95 3000GT VR-4 Mitsubishi
95 3000GT VR-4 Mitsubishi
95 3000GT VR-4 Mitsubishi
VR-4 Mitsubishi Twin Turbo, color Danube Pearl Blue
3000GT VR-4 Mitsubishi 1995
Craig Byron's '95 Mitsubishi 3000-GT VR4
'2007 July, 95 VR-4 3000GT Danube Pearl Blue
Enumclaw Washington 2007 - 1995 Danume Pearl Blue 3000GT vr-4


Go to: VR4 3.0L DOHC - Engine Pictures

Below are earlier pics of the 3000GT before some body changes, etc. (pre 2005 and 06).

Craig Byron's 3000gt vr-4


3000GT r front
3000GT rt side 2

3000GT rear
3000GT front

Pre-06 around 99 (1999) - 2005 - Blue pearl 3000GT
Rear driver's corner rear view


3000GT rear

Interior Pics

What do I use for paint and exterior care?
Mostly Dri-Wash-N-Guard. I've tried MANY different products and seem to always go back to Dri Wash N Guard. It works great! Once people try it they usually stick with it soley rather than waxes or other brands. Easily bought online.

For other parts of the vehicle (leather, interior, etc) I like the Zymol products and a few others. But hey, this isn't a detailing website so 'nuff said :)

Craig Byron's 1994 3000GT
My first 3000GT (1994 GT)
Replaced it in 1995 with the Blue 95.


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