Welcome. Welcome to Craig's 3000GT VR4 page. The 3000GT pages has lots of info about the 3000 GT and the VR4 or VR-4. 3000GT specification, photos and pictures, turbo graphics, links,clubs and lots more for the mitsubishi 3000. Although several other models like the 3000GT spyder , the VR4 3000 GT is the one to view. Enjoy your visit to the 3000GT pages and all the 3000 GT information here.

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)
3000 GT links

I haven't really spent a lot of time on putting up links. They're so easy to find online. Plus so many change or come (and go) that deadlinks are too often.

Northwest 3000GT and Stealth Owners Group

Website & Forum for NW owners of 3000GT and Stealth

NW3S forum and members group


3000 GT 3S
3si.org - 3000GT Group

(International Group)


redline oil for your 3000 GT



3000GT Drag RaceCar



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