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3" Exhaust Cutout

Next to the SmartTire monitor there's the Q-Tech Exhaust Cutout Controller. It is an electronic controller that allows for opening the cutout from 0-100% or anywhere in-between as preset.

It's a fairly easy system to install. I put mine fairly close up towards the downpipe connection area as further back it wouldn't fit. You can see from the photos approcimately wheere I installed my cutout and the 90 turndown added to it.

While there is debate over just how much extra HP this is good for I'm certain it adds some. The reported 50+HP I have doubts and no one I know has done an accurate dyno average to nail down really close or accurate numbers. But turbo systems are best run with as little exhaust restriction as possible so it is a worthwhile modification.It certainly adds to the sound level that's for sure! You can get several different pitches from it using the % open controller.

So here's some photos. Also is a short little WMV video that gives a sample of the soud differential. Starting from 0% and hitting some presets and then 100% and then back to 0. Gives you a brief idea. The controller itself is very fast to open and to close too.

The item on the right is the optional QTEC controller.


Click image for larger view

Qtech cutout photo on CJs blue 95 VR4


Qtech cutout photo on CJs 3000GT modified exhaust

Q-tech 3 inch cutout on the 3000GT VR4

larger view of the Q-tech 3 inch exchaust electric cutout Y system on CJs 3000GT


If you want to listen to a small wmv file of the cutout open and closed and in-between ;
click here


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