3000GT VR-4

3000GT Photos
(showing modifications)
Interior Photos
What are the meters and functional electronics?

TOP & SIDE AREAS shown below. For other meters & gauges (top & left) CLICK HERE.


Blitz 1-color mounted in custom top pod for the 3000GT VR4 Mitsubishi. This controls the twin turbos of the VR4.

The Blitz EBC i-color has many funtions but it's main purpose is to control the boost levels (turbo gain, limiter, etc) for the engine. This is mounted in a custom made pod replacing the factory dome/map light area. Here are some graphics of the i-color:

Different i-color screens available



This is the left A-pillar and drivers side view:

Gauges are Omori Meters Multicolor 52mm

A-Pillar gauges and drivers area of my 3000GT

You can't really see the DEFI HUD display but it is juse forward of the a-pillar so it bounces off the windshield midway and left side.



MISC Other shots


For other meters & gauges (top & left) CLICK HERE.


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